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Self-driving companies to suspend all operations and testing

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Coronavirus has spread its terrors, around the globe no doubt. Even big companies are no exception.

All the self-driving car manufacturers have decided to help the American government to spread awareness about the coronavirus and stop its spread. 

Coronavirus called for bringing self-driving cars testing at the halt. The companies that are involved in this are Waymo, Cruise, and Uber.

However, there is a lenience for fully automated vehicles. Above all, as the DMV suggested, every company or testing that requires a backup driver shall be put on hold until the virus comes outside the danger zone.

This news was from a technology background.

Another technology background news!!

Why did Microsoft edge question for privacy issues?

There have been recent updates in the Microsoft office version that brought some subtle changes in their browser, Microsoft Edge.

There was a parallel and confirmed talk in the tech community that edge is indeed the least private browsing platform. Moreover, It has been accused by its users, of sharing private data.

The research about the same that involved testing all the browsers started at trinity college Dublin. However, It turns out that out of all the popular browsers, Yandex browsers and Microsoft edge are least private.

Facebook and Google to help track infections – Washington in talks

The people reading this would be happy to know that tech-giants are lending their hands to fight against the coronavirus, which perhaps is the biggest threat to humanity currently.

The above is a piece of viral news from a technology background.

The state of medical urgency caused by COVID-19 was to be made loud and clear, and we are glad to tell you that even Facebook and Google are on the same page.

Both companies have agreed to use their technology potentials, to track the spread of the coronavirus.

The joint efforts could help in stopping the coronavirus. Nevertheless, The issue that stands in between is the individual privacy that might have to exploit. However, the officials are ensuring to carry out the tacking, safely.

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Big background news from the technology sector

The ‘magic keyboard’ – MacBook Air 2020

We all know that Apple makes some of the best gadgets in the market. Moreover, They have been making the winners of many lists every year. The MacBook is one of their signature products.

The 2020 update for MacBook air is here, and this time it is coming with the most awaited update.

Yes, the infamous keyboard of MacBook is now updated. For instance, The ‘butterfly keyboard’ has now been replaced with what they would call ‘magic keyboard’ period.

This is not the only thing you should be paying attention to. After all, they have all the new specs, including 256 GB RAM, a claim for all-day battery, and much more.

This start-up successfully sent the first SMS to a smartphone from space.

This development could be the first step towards the unbelievable broadband connection for billions of users around the world – said the founders.

On 24th February 2020, the test accomplished. It was the first time anyone could send an SMS to an android phone on earth.

Lynk, the start-up that achieved this milestone, explained how they were able to plan a satellite in the orbit of earth and make the impossible possible.

The potential of improvements for the same mission can make broadband services affordable for about 5 billion mobile phone users globally.

RBI demands a better framework for accepting cryptocurrency

There have been a lot of proposals and urges to start the use of cryptocurrency in all official affairs and government processes.

Because the technology is still not at the best of understanding for many, it has been put on hold for use as a convenient exchange means.

Many private firms invest in cryptocurrency; a few western governments have started to accept it.

India has asked for a better framework that can guarantee safety in a much transparent way.

Meaning that we will soon see a new way of handling cryptocurrency, maybe skinned over blockchain said economic and technical experts.

Karan Bajwa – another leading Indian google

Google has given the opportunity of leading cloud business in India to Karan Bajwa.

He spent significant years in the industry and excelled in the market values and handling of Google’s company in India.

The man is now the Managing Director for all the great solutions for google related to cloud technology and business.

Work from home a compulsion, Cybersecurity compromised.

Is work from home a threat to Cybersecurity?

Well, as it turns out, there are significant changes to this. Using the private internet, hundreds of IPs and locations for working with the company’s data is a considerable risk.

Experts have raised concerns about the same. However, as the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, this was an important step.

Tackling both works from home and Cybersecurity, together is impossible. But the tech-giants are ensuring that everything is going seamless and wouldn’t want to give out much information on the same.

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