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Personal Air purifiers are much needed at homes today. These are still not the most common home appliance. But one has to be sure of their requirements before actually buying one.

The air purifier’s feasibility and effectiveness can maximize by putting its capabilities in the right place. There are a handful of them in the market that have their pros and cons.

We shall help you with the factors and functionalities that will enable you to choose the best air purifier. Pollution inside the homes can be reduced effectively by the use of air purifiers.

Personal air purifiers and their  working

If you observe, even the most sophisticated personal air purifiers might only be well-caged fans blowing purified air. But with time, these products have made technical improvements that have increased their usability.

Today, the technicians equip air purifiers with carbon adsorption, electric purifying parts, and photochemical applications that help in enhancing the air quality by significant margins.

There are several talks about these purifiers.

While most of the misconceptions about them not working are false, indeed, a few of them work more effectively than the others. This is not because of their technical incapability. Air purifiers work according to the quality of air it is dealing with, which is the customer’s requirement.

They can work towards the betterment of air quality as per these needs and also help patients suffering from asthma and other allergies. The main requirement of an Air purifier is for :

a. Air purifier for dust removal

b. Air purifier for airborne chemical gases removal

c. Air purifier for dust removal

What are room air purifiers?

These air purifiers operate compactly in smaller and closed areas. The best application being your bedrooms or living room. While some have premium built, a few of them are built to sit comfortably on your car dashboards.

Room air purifiers need not run the whole day. Though their endurance allows them to work all day, it is better to switch them on only when you are present in the room. This helps in maintaining them for a more extended period and saves power.

Is office air purifier anything different from the room air purifier? No, not at all. They just have to be the quietest.

personal air purifiers with humidifier

Room air purifiers have a broader classification into two categories

Purifiers with filters

These purifiers are designed to work with a mechanism that ‘sucks in’ air with pollutants and filters it into the area. The technology that you see here is works by eliminating the particles in the air.

The base of filtration is its size. Different filtrates work on different particles and clean it to the best of their ability. The most widely used room purifiers with filter are:

  • HEPA Filters
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Washable filters

Purifiers without filters or filterless air purifiers

These filters work on different types of technologies instead of the usual filtrates. These are more efficient than their sister type. This is because you don’t have to change filters which are a periodic task otherwise.

Due to their conjunction nature with filtered air purifiers, they operate with a much efficient mechanism. Some well-reviewed purifiers that fall in this category are:

  • Electrostatic air cleaners
  • Air ionizers
  • Ozone generators
  • Thermodynamic Sterilization
  • PCO Cleaners

What are whole-house air purifiers?

Whole-house air purifiers as the name suggest work to purify or improve the air quality of the entire house. It works like a central system that might be bigger as a single machine but is much easier to maintain and operate.

They are incorporated to work with the whole HVAC system and noticeably make the air you breathe better. They are efficient as they don’t need a separate air supply. Working with the existing HVAC system, they only differ on slight notes in the way they are connected.

According to all the factors taken into account to judge technical specification, efficiency, and consumer-based performance, we are listing the best type of whole-house air purifiers.

  • Mechanical filters
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Electronic filters
  • Photocatalytic oxidation
girl breathing in fresh air

Factors to consider while buying air purifiers

Maintenance cost

Depending on the usage, the filter of air purifiers is supposed to be replaced once in 6 or 12 months. The active carbon filters shall be changed approximately every three months. It costs between $20-$200 depending on the type and size of the air purifier and cleaner.


The claims on the information provided need not be valid at all times. The area that one purifier can cover is an essential factor while purchasing. AHAM is a trusted indicator of this. For other purifiers, you can check ratings on trusted websites online.


These legal papers describe proper insights into energy consumption, CADRs, and performance reliability. Technically these are the three main pillars to make an air purifier completely consumer-friendly. In all conditions, you have to judge the product around these three specifics and come to a conclusion.

Final Thoughts on personal air purifiers

As rightly depicted in the above article, there are different categories of air purifiers that serve similar purposes.
But their specifics are focussing on different areas. In any way, the air that inhabitants experience shall improve. If you judge the purifier based on the factors that we have mentioned, you can choose the best air purifier for your use.
Do plan a purchase in a festival season if possible, when the air purifier best buy offers, pour in abundance.

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