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Today, Alexa Echo Smart homes have become a new term in the modernization of technology with the launch of its 2nd generation device. While it means adding smart devices to your house’s ecosystem, it is most definitely ‘Alexa homes’ that have elevated the entire concept of smart homes. Notably, the tech-savvy market has welcomed the trend of having home assistants warmly. Anyone who can afford has Alexa or google home in their living room. Because of the AI updates and impeccable experience, Alexa owns the assistants market. Alexa also has a dedicated mobile phone app for controlling different platforms.

As per the market updates, last festival season, tens of thousands of Alexa home assistants were sold. This has led to considerable hype in the tech-market for smart home devices. Let us go ahead and have a look at the variants of Alexa available for us to use.

Alexa Echo (2nd Generation) an amazon device on the table

Amazon 2nd generation Echo dot

The first and most potent of all assistants by amazon is the amazon echo. This beautifully designed device can work on all the commands that the latest advancements have seen. Be it playing music, dialing numbers, answering your browsing queries, and setting your schedules; the Echo can do it all for you. Let us have a thorough look at the features.

  • Your Echo is surrounded by Dolby powered speakers that give you a 360-degree Surround sound. This is one of the defining characteristics of the Echo. The speakers allow you to listen to the Echo’s responses clearly in any direction.
  • The commands that it accepts are very humane. AI has made enough improvements to make it look natural. For the common commands such as playing music or asking queries, Echo is very natural. While for some other questions that might want you to be more specific so that it can process.
  • It can work in multiple languages. Almost all the dominant words can work fluently with Alexa.

Alexa is the name of the assistant or the brain that works behind the Echo. Whenever you want to activate a task or command for the Echo to complete, you start with the keyword, Alexa. Not only does it seem like a personal name, but it gives the assistant a more elegant feel.

alexa echo device in action

Echo Dot

The echo dot is a more compact version of the Echo. But there is barely any compromise on the quality of technology that you receive. While the Echo has a more robust and cylindrical shape, echo dot comes as a 3-D dot when looked from the top. The availability of colors, surround speakers with Dolby, and other basic features remain the same.

With Alexa Echo, there are three simple steps that you have to follow to kick off with your 2nd Generation miracle.

  • Power the Echo. Connect¬†it to a convenient spot where you can access it at all times. This maps with the ability to hear and responding to commands.
  • Now, you will have to connect Alexa with a Wi-Fi internet connection and register using the application. The Alexa app that is compatible with almost every device will help you in getting this done.
  • Good to go. Start playing with the commands and get fluent with Alexa. Play music, browse using voice commands, and listen to all the daily news along with your schedules.

girl enjoying the Tv viewing with remote

How skilled is the Alexa Echo home  (2nd Generation)?

Alexa’s home has skills that help it in talking to the user like a human. It has more than 30,000 skills that get better with time due to artificial intelligence. It is capable of learning and modifying its responses quicker and better with time.

The story doesn’t end here; you, as a user, can teach new skills to Alexa using an Alexa skills blueprint. It is structured information about how Alexa has been learning the predefined commands and instructions.

Many market research tells about the significant growth of Alexa homes and devices in India. Google’s assistant is the only considerable competitor that it has. Both of the manufacturers can provide compatibility with more than enough tools. You can connect using any updated android or iOS device. The harmony and usability of the Echo and Echo dot make them a complete source to make your home feel smarter.


You would be extremely excited and too satisfied to convert your normal home to the wifi home through this Alexa Echo (2nd generation) device, which is a promise.

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