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Best buy TVs today is a vast subject. The world is a place where friends and family unite over television, movies, and TV shows. Be it political news, videos, cricket, football, or any other sport, the chances are that a lot of members in the group are spectators of it. Probably no living room on the Earth doesn’t have a TV. Now that we know that TV is the one thing that most homes like to change in a year, or two, let us see how the market has been keeping up with the interests of people towards TVs. The use of television has further widened by the launch of Google Siri, Amazon Alexa, and devices like wifi stick dongles.


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LCD is the oldest yet reliable television panel technology. The liquid crystal technology has blabbed, throwing light with fluorescent. As this technology is now years old, the resolutions that you get with LCD panels is minimal. There is barely any vibrant, full HD screen that you get on any television. Another drawback of the same would be power consumption. The LAD screen is not as efficient as the newer ones in the market.


LED panels are the longest-running screen technologies for any device in the market. The thinner size of it impressed everyone from day one, and this is every reason why it has been in the market for years now. Not only is it thin, but the sharpness, colors, and visibility that it brings were on point. Even now, many TVs use LED screens, and you can find a reasonable price range for them.


Quantum light-emitting diode or QLED panels are some of the best screen resolutions you will find in the market. About a few years ago, they were mere concepts found at the CSE (consumer electronics show) in the USA. Today, these are the most thought of televisions in India. The tech that runs these panels are quantum dots like nanoparticles that charge to give bright and natural colors.

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Organic light-emitting diode or the OLED is one of the outcomes of organic electrical and electronics technology. The technology working behind OLEDs allows it to produce light and color at every single point of the image that is provided by it. This means that every pixel can contribute to image quality. At the same time, the blacks and the depths of the color are so high that picture quality that you receive here is impeccable. These panels are more expensive.

the best buy TVs – Smart TVs:

Coming down to the last broad classification of TVs that are available in India would be smart TVs. By now, you should understand that almost all the OLED or QLED TVs are smart. This is because of the simple fact that they are expensive and the latest in the market. You can opt from the small smart tv to the big smart tv, as per the requirement and space available.

Android and Smart TVs are allowing users to stream from various sources directly on the television screen without any source input. Be it Netflix, YouTube, games, and much more, you will get it all on the larger brighter screen.

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Almost all of these televisions are available in standard sizes like starting from the small tv say 19-inch tv to the more prominent 32-inch tv, 40-inch tv, 42inch tv, 60-inch tv, the large 70inch tv, and so on. It depends very much on the location where you want the TV to get installed.

Let us say if you are installing the TV in your bedroom, then a 32 or 42 inch TV would be ideal. Anything more significant than that should have a bedroom that is big enough.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a TV that can make you a living room full of life, then you can go for a much bigger size. Either way, your budget, interest, and purpose should be clear.


Resolution is one of the basic specifications of the screen quality that your TV has. It is accountable for the horizontal and vertical stretch count of pixels present on your screen.

The HD panels, also called 720p, are the first from the bottom of excellent resolution displays. The picture quality is good, but the modern-day screens have outclassed it.

Full HD displays are 1080p. Almost all screens are available in full HD resolution. Because of the resolution, the obvious things that level up are colors, dynamic range, contrast, and many other aspects of a good screen.

The screen resolutions that are a layer or two above full HD are 2k, 4k, and even 8k panels. These screens are rarely seen in Indian homes. The 2k displays, however, though expensive, can be seen in some lavish houses. However, we are sure whenever these screens start producing ample TVs, India will be among the healthiest markets that they will have.

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What are you waiting for? Look for TVs on the internet and offline stores. Find the TV that best suits your needs and bring home a better, brighter and bigger TV. But if you can, always try to avoid buying a refurbished Tv, that might have already overlived its life. The best buy Tv sales time is any festival season, wherein you save massively on discounts.

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