The polluting industries near the river


The Polluting Culprits in the surroundings can be many. You talk to your grandparents or even parents and listen to them describing their lives and the environment back then. You will understand how different it was from today. They will have tons of memories from the fields and natural habitats while it is the opposite for us.  

Increasing population, human greed, deforestation, vehicles, industrial pollution, and ‘what not?’ has contributed to pollution in our nature. The air contamination at home can be managed to an extent by the use of air purifiers.

Industrialization, for example, is a need for humankind. We all know what is ‘air made of”. Of course, gases, but the volume of natural gases present in the air should never be disturbed.

However, it is our responsibility to understand what are the ways and pollutants that are most harmful to us. This knowledge will help us in making a sustainable environment. Let us go ahead and understand these pollutions and the harms caused by them. 

the polluting smoke from coal engine of the train

The polluting Carbon monoxide (CO):

CO is one of the significant polluting agents not only because of their concentration but also because many sources pave its path in our atmosphere. It is odorless and colorless and is a gas formed by carbon combustion. Even the slightest of inefficient combustion causes CO. It can be from vehicles, petrol, diesel, and other fuels.

CO Harms:

  • Degrades oxygen in the atmosphere and also decreases its content in the air.
  • Harms the human respiratory system and can also lead to lung cancer.
  • Breathing problems and laziness in the body can make one feel sleepy.
  • It disallows the required content of oxygen in the blood.

The polluting CFC – chlorofluorocarbons:

CFC is among the most harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. The primary source of CFCs come from all types of refrigerators and ACs. Unlike many other gases, instead of polluting the air directly, CFCs reach the stratosphere.

Due to the presence of chlorine, CFCs work as reducing agents. This gas is the primary reason for ozone depletion. When CFCs come in contact with ozone, it reduces the gas, and consequently, global warming takes place.

CFC Harms:

  • It is the primary reason behind ozone depletion.
  • It acts as reducing agents in the atmosphere.
  • CFCs are responsible for global warming.
  • It decreases human immunity towards diseases like cold and pneumonia.


The addition is heavily polluting the atmosphere of Lead, which is a “deadly” chemical by-product.

Combustion of petrol, diesel, batteries, and even coloring products like hair, dye, or paints make the air highly infectious to inhale.

Urban areas are affected with high lead content in the air.

Lead Harms:

Lead is highly infectious and has a direct impact on different health issues.

  • It can cause severe damage to the nervous system, especially in kids.
  • There are several cases of indigestion due to Lead.

In prolonged cases, the diagnose in a person can be cancer too.

The polluting Nitrogen oxide:

Burning of fuels and other energy sources like coal is also producing polluting gases in large volumes.


At the place of production, they densely pollute the air.

Nitrogen oxide Harms:

  • Nitrogen oxide is the reason behind acid rains and can pollute heavily.
  • When these acid rains hit fields, they affect the yield.
  • The acid rain that runs off into rivers and other water bodies make the water toxic.
  • These rains irritate our skin and can have harmful effects too.

The polluting Sulphur dioxide:

This gas has emerged as one of the major issues not just because of its toxicity but also because it comes from thermal power plants.

Thermal power plants are necessary to generate a tremendous amount of power that is needed for urban requirements.

But the pollutants that they dispose of in the environment is just as harmful. It is due to the above reason why we don’t see thermal plants around the city.

Over the past few decades, the number of thermal plants has increased, making thermal pollution a significant issue.

polluting smoke from the industries

Sulphur dioxide Harms:


The regulation of sulphur dioxide becomes difficult as it forms by smelting by the metal industries.


  • It is a significant contributor to acid rains and smog.
  • These densely pollute the atmosphere at particular locations.
  • Acid rains and pollution have their effects on humans as well as the habitat around them.

Air pollution is the primary reason for threats to humankind. Water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, and light pollution are major pollutions. Out of these, except for noise pollution, all the pollutants have a contribution to air pollution.

Water pollution and soil pollution are directly related to air pollution. The acid rains are the reason behind them.

Light pollution is most definitely affected by smog and other pollutants in the air. Therefore, controlling air pollution is one of the significant challenges for us.

Final thoughts

The primary importance should be regulating the disposal of smoke and pollutants from industries.

Also, ensuring that the vehicles are not releasing more smoke than they should. To ensure this, doing proper research on the effects and polluting causes is essential.

The above actions will help in reducing the magnification and accumulation of pollutants in the environment. The health issues that are caused by pollution are plenty. Therefore one shouldn’t be negligent towards it.

Let us take a pledge to protect the environment from pollution. We should try for a ‘Nature fresh air purifier,’ instead of opting in for electronic air purifiers.


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