There are many types of paint available today. Basic wall painting was the only use of colors in the gone days. Both buildings and canvas are made beautiful because of these paints. High gloss paint is also the trend of the day,

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But as technology advanced, even the characteristics or properties of paints advanced. Today, several construction issues can be solved using ‘paints.’ Some ‘best paint‘ resist any stain or damage too.

Even when we talk about paints for painting on a canvas, there are different types of paints that help painting on different types of surfaces. Today, we shall feed your curiosity to know the different types of paints, their characteristics, and their areas of application.

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For broadly classifying the paints in use, there are two types of paint.

  • Paints used for Construction
  • Paints used by artists

Types of paint used in Construction:

Whitewash or limewash:

Whitewash is cheap paint. Using slaked lime and water in proper proportion would help one make whitewash. After the completion of Construction, it is very affordable to limewash the walls. It is used on ceilings as well as gives it resistance against water.

The same whitewash can be used for coloring by adding Fevicol and color pigments. Fevicol helps in binding the color to whitewash. One should be careful while making whitewash as it is an exothermic chemical reaction. The heat is enough to burn your skin.

Enamel paint:

The ingredients that are required to make enamel paint are zinc and varnish. By adding proper color pigments, we can add different shades to the base. If you have seen those attractive ads by Asian paints or Nerolac, then you must know that they use enamel paints.

These paints can be cleaned with just a swipe if the quality is excellent. One can easily clean the surface after a glossy finish formes on drying. They are waterproof and can resist harm from chemicals as well. Therefore, no stains can harm them.

Emulsion paint:

Another high-quality paint that categorizes itself in the quick cleaning and the sustainable colors department is emulsion paints. The ingredients used for making these paints are polyvinyl acetate and polystyrene.

Emulsion paint can be made into desired colors using color reagents. Apart from resistance to stains and having high color sustainability, emulsion paints are highly durable.

Bituminous paint:

This is a little rare to use but has essential applications wherever necessary. The ingredients used for bituminous paints are asphalt and tar.

Because of the ingredients, bituminous paint is dark black. It is very durable and can absorb heat. We can also use this paint coat to protect different metals from Rusting.

One can use Bituminous paints for the protection of surfaces exposed to the sun. All metals are coated by these first, before their exposure in the open. Bituminous paints are used on the underwater iron pipes too.

Aluminum paint:

We use the ingredients, aluminum, and oil varnish to make Aluminium paint. They help in keeping the surface safe from rusting, electricity, water, and weather impacts.

Artist paints:


These are the most used artist paints. It is mainly because of the good they are in terms of color and even finish. They work excellent with brushwork and would appear to be glazed and work with the amount of water that you would want.

Out of all the paints that work on paper, these paints are the most durable. Any brushable surface can adapt to these paints as they dry off very quickly.


Oil paints are a bit hard to paint with, but once you master them, it helps you in producing some masterpieces. They are smooth and look lavish in the art they are used to make.

They don’t dry quickly; hence these paints allow the artist to make changes while still proceeding with the work. Oil-based paint is very different from water paints in the way of their usage. As these are “water-based,” the amount of water to be used depends on the artist.


Watercolors are most artists’ favorite when it comes to painting broad types of paintings. Water-based paint helps in producing translucent effects. If you are working with sceneries or making underwater views, then watercolors are the correct choice.

When you use them, they appear to suspend themselves in water producing the light and dark as per your requirement. They have gum to keep the colors together. Hence one need not worry about the color getting too diluted. They are efficient as well.

face hands painted by paint in different types

Final thoughts on types of paint

There are way more types of paint colors than the ones mentioned above. All this because of the ever-growing technology. But these are the ones that are highly applicable and can be seen in use daily.

However, all of them serve their purposes and have elegance. The science and visual beauty of these paints have helped people in several ways.

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